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"I purchased a copy of Stray Tales some years ago and found it to be very enjoyable and thought provoking."

(referring to 1st edition)

I recently purchased a copy of Stray Tales at the Dragon's Lair comics shop in Austin, and I just wanted to commend you for a fine work. I particularly enjoyed "Prodigal Son's Return" and "Spelunkered", the latter leaving me conflicted as to whether I was happy or horrified for the young boy.


I enjoyed the art, and more importantly, I enjoyed the stories. Several of them left me to ponder their meaning, something you don't find in many graphic novels. In any case, a job well done, and I'm looking forward to the next edition.


Thank you for your time, and again, congratulations on a well-crafted book.

"The cartooning reminds me of some of the qualities I like about Matt Howarth's art, and the preview chapters for A Cappella felt like Windsor McCay exploring an emotional landscape rather than his usual dreamscape vista. Really cool."

"... Pointeau When Are You Coming Home is a series of vignette that feature a strange mixture of dream logic and philosophical exploration. It doesn't always entirely make sense to me, and rus the risk of disappearing up its own ass as so many comics of this nature can, but it never quite crosses that line.


Instead, Pointeau's character's musings on the nature of fear, what stories a tree might tell or even just a brief interration with a talking panda have a sort of wistful energy, a child's innocence mixed with an adult's analytical need for questions.


I was also quite taken with Pointeau's art work, which look like a backdrop of grey-toned brushwork alongside a detailed, expressive lead character whose bright eyes and happy demeanor helps to keep the book from seeming like a ponderous exercise in philosophy and more the sheer joy of of a child posing questions.

[review of b&w edition, Book 1]

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